Senior Leaders (SLT)
Our un-matched time saving features will ensure SLT can get on with raising standards without worrying about the headache of homework.

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Powerful Features
Become Outstanding Leaders with the support of Skoolwork
Complete Homework Management
Our all-in-one solution makes homework manageable for everyone. Every piece of homework can be tracked and monitored. No more complaints from parents. No more complaints from students. No more apathy from teachers.
Create, assign and mark in an instant
Create engaging homework in minutes. Assign in seconds. Mark in an instant. For busy teachers we have hundreds of ready-made homework activities for practically every subject in your school.
Instant feedback
Provide instant feedback to students on all homework activities. Quiz based homework are self-marking but teachers can still provide formative feedback for students to review. Print homework along with feedback as evidence for assessment for learning.
Engaging and differentiated activities
Create a variety of homework activities: quizzes, short answers, mixed, upload work and even longer exam-type activities. At Skoolwork, we recognise the importance of handwriting so teachers can even set traditional offline homework which are completed in exercise books.
Monitor and track progress
Every piece of homework whether completed online or offline can be tracked and monitored in our intuitive Progress Tracker. SLT can monitor progress of individual classes or evaluate snapshots of whole school homework data.
Reward students
Keep students engaged and reward effort. Students earn points by completing homework on time which are added to homework scores. SLT and teachers can view highest ranking students on a daily bases. Use this data to reward students weekly, termly or at the end of the academic year.
Focus on raising standards across your school without worrying about the headache of homework
Precise Monitoring of Homework
We know how cumbersome managing homework can be. It is often the most complained about issue in schools. Our powerful and intuitive features ensure you can precisely monitor how much homework is being given out, to which classes it is given and which teacher is assigning it. Use the data to performance manage or to evaluate the effectiveness of your school policies.
Increased Engagement
Let's face it. Students love to work on the computer. By assigning homework which can be completed online or offline will ensure pupils are engaged and enthused by their learning experience. Better engagement equals better grades. Fact.
Improve Attainment
Allowing students to learn and complete homework both online and offline yields improved results. Teachers can assign unique, differentiated activities to target weak areas of learning. We have hundreds of revision activities which can be accessed on the go and our community-based approach means the quantity of available resources keeps growing. Improve student attainment today.
Save Teachers Time on Marking
Fear of marking is often the number one reason why teachers shy away from assigning regular homework. We take the trouble of marking off their hands. Quizzes and Short Responses are always self-marking and even written responses can be marked with feedback in an instant. We save teachers time so they can concentrate on what matters most - students.
Save Teachers Time on Planning
Our intuitive homework calendar allows teachers to assign homework in advance saving hours and hours of time on planning. With the headache of homework out of the way, teachers can get on with planning outstanding lessons.
Improved Parental Engagement
Change parental complains to parental support. Allowing pupils to complete homework online that is logged and monitored ensures parents are always in the know. Our calendars can be assessed by parents so they know exactly when a piece of homework is due.
Whole-School Approach
Remove apathy and inconsistency between teachers and departments. Skoolwork ensures all teachers have access to high quality homework activities they can assign with a click of a button. SLT can closely monitor who is assigning homework and who is falling behind.
Save £100s on Printing
Online homework will save your school hundreds if not thousands on printing costs. Teachers can attach files, videos and other documents for students to view online, and depending on the document attached, even complete online. Save money and save the environment also.
We will support you all the way
Onsite training for all staff
We provide onsite training for all staff. Our training covers every aspect of using Skoolwork to ensure you and your staff can get the most out of its powerful features. From setting up your account to marking homework — we have it all covered.
Live online support
Our support includes live online assistance for you and your teachers. Have an issue or stuck on how to do something? Log on and let us help you.
Support Centre
Our help centre covers everything from login to logout. Simply type in a questions and find quick answers. Our help pages are divided into categories to help you find what you are looking for as easy as pie.
Powerful, engaging and differentiated content for every subject.
Not satisfied? Create your own. It takes minute!
Quiz based homework are fully self-marking, saving teachers precious time to get on with planning outstanding lessons. Teachers can create quizzes in minutes and even mix and match with short and long answers.
To assess greater knowledge and understanding, teachers can create homework that require longer, written responses. These are great for exam practices and end-of-unit assessments. Once submitted teachers will be notified that the work needs grading.
For creative and digital homework, teachers can assign tasks which require students to upload finished work for teachers to review and assess. Great for collaborative activities and technology-based homework.
We recognise the importance of handwriting and the need to practice it. That is why teachers can assign tasks that need completing in exercise books or submitted on written paper. Assigning such tasks through Skoolwork ensures the homework is logged and monitored.
We have tons of digital interactive activities that can be assigned as homework. Students can also access these for revision. They also work on tables and phones. Essential revision on the go!
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