Homework Activities
Our unique community approach means the number of homework activities keeps growing. We have over 3000 activities for you to choose from covering all major subjects in schools. Teachers can create thier own homework activities.
Quiz based homework are fully self-marking, saving teachers precious time to get on with planning outstanding lessons. Teachers can create quizzes in minutes and even mix and match with short and long answers.
Short answer based homework is fully self-marking, saving teachers precious time to get on with planning outstanding lessons. Teachers can create shophsticated and complex short answer questions allowing students to enter various answers that are correct.
To assess greater knowledge and understanding, teachers can create homework that require longer, written responses. These are great for exam practices and end-of-unit assessments. Once submitted teachers will be notified that the work needs grading.
For creative and digital homework, teachers can assign tasks which require students to upload finished work for teachers to review and assess. Great for collaborative activities and technology-based homework.
We recognise the importance of handwriting and the need to practice it. That is why teachers can assign tasks that need completing in exercise books or submitted on written paper. Assigning such tasks through Skoolwork ensures the homework is logged and monitored.
We have tons of digital interactive activities that can be assigned as homework. Students can also access these for revision. They also work on tables and phones. Essential revision on the go!
Students can revise core subjects at their own pace and level. Our questions are Key Stage specific and allow students to practice questions in a fun and engaging way. Students can also select topics and create their own revision programmes tailored to their exam boards.
Key Features of Revision
  • Gamified to make revision fun and engaging
  • Practice KS2, KS3 or KS4 questions
  • *Subjects include, Maths, Science and Computing (English, Arabic, History and RE coming soon)
  • Students can select topics or revise randomly chosen questions
  • Students can create revision programme with topics chosen for different exam boards (coming soon)
  • Students earn ranking points for practicing questions.
  • Students can challenge classmates to revision games
  • Students can request help from teachers on difficult questions
  • Students can flag questions for later review
  • Revision analytics to show progress and scores
Creating your own homework is as easy as pie. Our intuitive forms make it simple for you to create a variety of homework activities. Choose from quiz type questions, short answer questions or even longer written tasks and more.
Key Features of Homework
  • Create multiple-choice quizzes, short, written or mixed questions
  • Create written tasks (set word count)
  • Create upload tasks requiring students to upload files
  • Create offline tasks requiring students to complete in exercise books
  • Attach files, videos, audio to all homework
  • Attach timers to homework. Great for exam practice and in-school lesson activities
  • Set homework deadlines and analyse late submission data
  • Allow students to discuss homework with classmates (chat)
  • Homework automatically added to student calendars
  • Send homework reminders (email reminders can be sent to parents and students)
  • Homework scores are automatically added to markbooks and progress trackers
  • Grade work and provide feedback
  • Annotate written responses (coming soon)
  • Annotate uploaded images, screenshots (coming soon)
  • Allow students to request help and support with questions/tasks
  • Allow homework retake
  • Review homework with individuals or whole class
  • Powerful diagnostics to explore weak areas of learning
With a huge base of relevant homework activities, Skoolwork has now become a powerful remote teaching tool. Use our lesson feature to deliver live video lessons in a safe and secure environment.
Key Features of Video Lessons
  • Safe and secure (only students in assigned class can join)
  • Share webcams, audio only or both
  • Share screens
  • Share files and notes
  • Directly upload powerpoint presentations
  • Public and private chats
  • Safe multi-user whiteboard (no secret annotations)
  • Live polling
  • Break out rooms (for group activity)
  • Add homework to lessons
  • Schedule lessons
  • Get attendance and engagement data
Our messaging system ensures easy communication between teachers and students and even parents. Send messages to individuals, classes or whole school. Safeguarding tools are also provided to create a safe space for everyone.
Our diagnostic tools make it easy to see who is excelling, who is struggling and which areas of learning students are finding difficult. Use the data to inform your teaching and pedagogy.
Progress Trackers ensure you can keep a keen eye on student progress. Print or download the data to inform your teaching or for parent meetings. You can also add your own data to trackers to keep everything nice and tidy.
Our unique ranking system rewards students for completing homework, completing homework on time and for revising. Points are used to rank students within year groups and whole school. Use the information to award certificates or prizes.
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